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Focus in work deeply needed help

  1. Nov 23, 2004 #1
    Not to belong: i was good at school, and focussing on classes wad not a question for me, i was not studying too much every day, but i was able to focus many hours on studying on the exams night...

    The Problem is i lived in the middle east for the most in my life, and since i was young, so my english "supposedly my mother tongue?" becomes really damn weak and my arabic is much better. I wen to high school in UK, then i am now at U.S in Uni.

    What i am sad about is i am having a great academic decline since high school, after a i was -without prasing myself- a really exceptional student, and i analyze the problem and found it mostly in "not focusing" while studying, and distracting thoughts...I am not sure if it is cuz of change in language, since my english is "good" i guess for studying, and i found a bunch of non-natives going so far here...

    I might sounds stupid in presenting this, but i do really seek advice since no body hope to be in shoes, deadly serious!
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