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Focusing magnetic field?

  1. May 24, 2012 #1
    Is it possible to focus a magnetic field?

    Thank you
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    you mean, like a laser?
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    Well, not necessary like a laser (that would be good too) but more like to focus it to go where I want it to go. Like when using a lens and focusing Sun rays.
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    Yes you can. For example with a cone shaped piece of iron. Place the magnet on the wide end of the cone and you get a concentrated field at the tip. Another method is shown in this video using 2 flat pieces of iron. (actually an iron alloy maybe similar to the stuff used in transformers)

    It's all about magnetic flux and magnetic circuits.
    This article may help you.
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    Light is just an electromagnetic wave, so if focus light, you are focusing a magnetic field. If you are interested in a magnetic field without the electric field, you can focus it next your device, as Dr. Zoidberg shows, but you can't direct a magnetic field to be strongest far away from your sources of current.
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    Did I understand you correctly, I can use magnifying glass and focus magnetic waves the same way I would use it to focus light in one point?
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    no you cant. Khashishi is leading you astray somewhat

    you originally asked about a magnetic field and for some reason Khashishi started on about a laser which had nothing to do with what you asked

    I liked K^2 response in this forum a couple of years ago to a similar question to yours

    full thread...

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