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Focussing at nano

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    I dont know where to ask this question but i believe most people stay here so i am doing it..

    In focussed ion beam systems,,is group theory involved,,or what kind of maths actually is involved..I have just crossed 2 initial steps of group theory but i met Dresselhaus(http://web.mit.edu/physics/facultyandstaff/faculty/millie_dresselhaus.html) and she presented on "Raman scattering from one dimensional system."(http://www.iconsat2006.com/programmeer17a.htm [Broken]) and there in one of sildes she used group theory to estimate some coefficents m,n in nanotubes...i dont remember much..Well i went upto her and asked how is group theory involved..She said "quite a lot"..But in focussed ion beam i haven't seen any group theory..Can any one give me some intution or anything..
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    FIB is, just like SEM, an imaging technique. It is quite different from Raman, where group theory can be used to determine if a particular transition has a non-zero amplitude. I don't believe you need much group theory for Ion Beam imaging.
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    Gokul,,then what kind of maths is holding up there...like the code IGUN ,Superfish which are used treat each ion as discrete entity and how then its working...the author of these codes provide only executable files and i have run both of them but i dont even have a trace of idea whats actually happening...or other people also whom i know dont also know much in this regard..
    by the way have you worked with FIB ...which equipment you are using .
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    I'm not sure if you need to use group theory, but you can apply group theory to a lot of stuff, and I am sure you could find something that you could apply it to in this.
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    Is anyone here doing any kind of work on focussed ion beams or any thing related to nanoscience..
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    i am pretty confident that people here do know lot of things but why they are feeling hesitant.....may be its one post unlikely to be present in the place where people enjoy..
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