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Foil Helmets Can't Foil Government Mind Probes

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    http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/ [Broken]
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    That's hilarious!
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    Upload data @ CIA
    This is mindless goverment drone #503A-005d/1
    We have a intellgence leak about the Drone helments.That citzens like to think that they protect them form the CIA's mind control satlets apparentally
    Some egineers found that appilfies the mind controll freqeuncies.They have now posted it on the civillan internet...wrong datalink..oh well
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    I could have told you that foil hats were worse than worthless. Its stainless steel colander helmets that really do the trick!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I used to know of a guy who wore a foil hat under this helmet so that the "people" living in the middle earth couldn't read his mind. Having learned of him from a customer, I was told that he tested the integrity of critical steel beams used in the aviation industry.
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    Wow, it's scary when someone dancing so near the line between insanity and intelligence, dances a tango (way too many dips). :bugeye:
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    FIIINE line between Genius and Googoo there. >__>
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