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B Folding a sheet of paper is nonsense!

  1. Dec 17, 2016 #1
    Last night, I was watching a movie ( "Interstellar" ) and one of the actors used the old familiar folding paper trick to explain how a wormhole shortens space-travel thru the hyper-space.
    So, he punched 2 holes, folded the sheet and brought the holes close together;
    Pardon me, but if I know anything about differential geometry, space is amorphous, it has neither shape nor form. How can a tiny wormhole buckle the entire universe onto itself? Why don't they explain to the people once and for all, that only metric relationships count and that a level plane and a folded plane without any stretching are differentially indistinguishable? That only intrinsic space matters and a U-shaped plane and a Euclidean plane are equivalent? That one solution of the differential equations gives rise (in your imagination only) to a U-shaped plane, another an S-shaped plane, and so on and so forth (as long as your mind needs embedding into hyper-space to understand)?
    What is all this nonsense that gets repeated over and over? Isn't this substantialism, or the good old hole-argument under a new disguise?
    There were also other nonsense in this film, what a waste of my time!
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