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Follow up on Velocity 4-Vectors

  1. Dec 10, 2016 #1
    I did not use the template for this posting.

    My understanding for the relativistic transformation of a velocity u to u' is given by

    \gamma_{u'} \\
    \gamma_{u'} u'_x \\
    \gamma_{u'} u'_y \\
    \gamma_{u'} u'_z

    \gamma & -\gamma\beta_x & -\gamma\beta_y & -\gamma\beta_z \\
    -\gamma\beta_x & 1+\frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_x^2}{\beta^2} & \frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_x\beta_y}{\beta^2} & \frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_x \beta_z}{\beta^2} \\

    -\gamma\beta_y & \frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_x\beta_y}{\beta^2} & 1+\frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_y^2}{\beta^2} & \frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_y\beta_z}{\beta^2} \\

    -\gamma\beta_z & \frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_x\beta_z}{\beta^2} & \frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_y\beta_z}{\beta^2} & 1+\frac{(\gamma -1)\beta_z^2}{\beta^2}

    \gamma_{u} \\
    \gamma_{u} u_x \\
    \gamma_{u} u_y \\
    \gamma_{u} u_z
    Where v is the velocity of reference frame S' with respect to reference frame S and
    \beta_x = v_x/c \\
    \beta_y = v_y/c \\
    \beta_y = v_y/c \\
    \beta^2 = \beta_x^2 + \beta_y^2 + \beta_z^2 \\
    \gamma = \frac{1}{\sqrt{1-\beta^2}} \\
    \gamma_u = \frac{1}{\sqrt{1-\beta_u^2}} \\
    \gamma_{u'} = \frac{1}{\sqrt{1-\beta_{u'}^2}}
    This seems to work for any object whose velocity is less that c. But, I got the impression from a previous post that I could transform the velocity of light rays the same way I transformed the velocity of massive objects.

    If I try to do that using the definitions I have above it means calculating $$\gamma_u$$ for a light ray. That's undefined. I have a 3-vector version of the velocity addition formula that doesn't require such a calculation and it works fine. Did I get the 4-vector structure wrong?
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