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OK if we are given the following first order rxn:

[tex]2N_2O_5 - > 4NO_2 + O_2[/tex]

The rate constant is [tex]k[/tex]. Now how would we express the rate law for the decomposition of [tex]N_2O_5[/tex].

[tex]- d[N_2O_5]/dt = k[N_2O_5][/tex]


[tex]- d[N_2O_5]/dt = 2k[N_2O_5][/tex]

I think it is the latter but I see all books use the former.zzz

Its urgent.


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Well, the rate is equal to -(1/2) d[N2O5]/dt. You cannot, however, say a priori that the reaction will be first order with respect to the concentration of N2O5 without knowing the reaction mechanism.

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