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Medical Fomites novel

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    I am a writer working on a novel and as part of my job is to research the science behind any idea, I have to make sure is it plausible in real life. I did some research about three years ago for the novel I am writing and got the opinion from scientist and medical experts in regard to the fictional disease I have created in my novel.

    I know that a Virus (remembered from high school) can survive in the air for about 30sec. My question is, are there any known viruses that can be spread by Fomites.

    Kage Kazumi
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    Re: Fomites

    Note that all viruses are different and whilst some may last only minutes in air others may last a lot longer. As for fomites they definitely can spread viruses, here's a list of general characteristics and roles of fomites in viral transmission.
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    Re: Fomites

    Thank you.

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