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Font size with Word and AutoCAD

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    I'm writing a document in MS Word with font size 10 and Times New Roman. I'm also using AutoCAD to produce graphics to put in it. How can I make sure that text written in AutoCAD will be of equal size to that written in Word? Just choosing a text height of 10 in AutoCAD doesn't make it equal, since it all depends on what unit you're using for the drawing. The best would perhaps be to find out how big the "box" for a capital letter is in Word, measured in mm. But how? Anyone?
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    The obvious problem is that to fit the image on the document you will need to shrink it down which will chanage the text size. try figuring out how much smaller (percent wise) you are making the image to fit in the document and then select a font size that is about that much larger. now, of course, this is just a best guess. For all I know, image scaling is not linear, but I bet it will work out well.
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