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Automotive Food cart suspension

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    I'm trying to start my own mobile juicing business.
    I have the money to build my own mobile cart.

    I spent some time thinking what I want my cart to do.

    I want to incorporate a mechanical suspension
    That can lift up the cart for traveling
    So it can go over steps and curbs
    (Off road wagon style, no problem)

    But then I want to be able to set it down
    So I can have my table at elbow level
    For smooth stable sale operations

    So I came up with this but I'm not sure what mechanical parts I would need to put the suspension together in order to give the suspension on my cart this function.

    BTW: I plan to use 8 bicycle tires. It's not going to be on the road. I'm not going to tow it. I'm going to tie it up on top of a flat bed trailer that is road ready and tow the flatbed trailer. When I get to my sales gig, I plan to unload it from my flat bed trailer and push / pull it to it's destination.

    So yeah, I was wondering if you guys could maybe give some ideas on how I could possibly design this in the simplest most stable and efficient way possible?
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    OK. I think what you should do is make the wheels clip into mobile mode and have a button to push it out into set up mode, plus you could make some "legs" that fold out and lock into place to keep it from rolling away ( or you could put locks on the wheels). as for going up stairs and curbs you coud just get some suspension ( like on a mountain bike).
    (PS: I am not sure HOW you are going to put EIGHT wheels on it but I guess as long as you know) :wink:
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