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Food coloring

  1. Aug 24, 2005 #1
    Hello :blushing:

    I need help trying to figure this out:

    Patent blue V is a food coloring designed under the code E 131. Using a scales of blue tints, we hope to determine the molar concentration of patent blue in a solution used to color candy in a candy shop. We make a range of tints starting from the volume V = 1,00 l of the "mother solution" So, of the concentration C in patent blue equal to 1,00*10^-3 mol.L-1.

    Here's the information given before the question:

    Molar mass od patent blue : M = 1160 g.mol-1
    Patent blue is a solid that does not react to water.


    How much patent blue needs to be dissolved in order to make the mother solution?

    I don't know which formula to use in order to solve this. Any suggestions?

    P.S. Sorry if this is extremely hard to understand, the exercise was originally given to me in french. :shy:
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    How many moles of patent blue are in 1 L of your desired mother solution w/ your desired concentration?

    Concentration (in molarity) x volume= moles
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    thank you... simply put :shy:
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