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Food shortages

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    — Declining agricultural productivity and continued growing demand have brought the world food situation to a crossroads. Failure to act now through a wholesale reinvestment in agriculture—including research into improved technologies, infrastructure development, and training and education of agricultural scientists and trainers—could lead to a long-term crisis that makes the price spikes of 2008 seem a mere blip.
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    The technology's already there, there are just legal barriers (in the EU and elsewhere -- and the EU regulations dramatically change the African continent) to its use. Further, changing US and EU trade policies could swiftly increase production.

    Until these sources are tapped I'm not inclined to worry.
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    Developing technology is a plus in every country but the government should also take full responsibility in raising the country’s agricultural productivity. This will be a great help because we can lessen the importing of goods from other countries
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    I think I disagree on both points. I don't think it's a government's place to raise agricultural productivity -- that would be the responsibility of the farmers and the food market -- and I don't mind the import and export of food (or other goods).

    And speaking selfishly, for a moment: I live in a country which is a major food exporter, so if other countries import less food it's bad for my country! (I'm not in that sector, but I can't imagine good coming of that.)
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