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Foolish question about master

  1. Jan 16, 2006 #1
    it is simple. Can I aquire second master degree for the same major from different college. I thought of this question because my school offering fast track master in Maths, but it is not a really good Maths school. I want to finish my master there quick, then go study at a better school.
    I have heard that PhD has a really hard time to find a job simply because PhD demands really high salary and not many jobs really need a PhD degree. Therefore, i do not want to get a PhD degree untill i am required to do so.

    Any thought shall be appreciated.
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    anyone knows?
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    I can't think of any reason you can't get a second master's at another university. Assuming its accreditted, I really can't think of any reason that would be a problem.
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