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Foot contact time.

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    Does anyone have resources for how long a foot is in contact with a football. Numbers I have found, but video or set of pictures with time on it would help.

    Please and thank you.
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    Actually real contact time can only be given by the theory of elasticity.
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    Well I was punter in high school, and I'm guessing it's around a fourth of a second during a punt. But that's just a guess.
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    I remember seeing a set of photos of a field goal kicker. It showed the foot compressing into the football to about the center of the football (about 1/2 it's diameter). I can't find the site, and I don't know the duration of this.
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    All I could figure out about it is that the football will contact in a punt less than in a field goal. But I am pretty sure for a punt it would have to be between a quarter of a second and a half a second, any more than that and the football will not pop up into the air and it would take more energy to get it in the air.
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