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News Football Fans for Truth

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    Now there's a new anti-Kerry group called "Football Fans for Truth". They have compiled all of Kerry's anti-articulate comments about football (Lambert Field, for example).

    :grumpy: I think this is another low blow and I'm announcing my new rival group: "Baseball Fans for Truth". If I get enough donations, I plan to run only one commercial with one comment:

    "This man traded away Sammy Sosa for Freddie Manrique .... do you trust him to run your country?!"

    Granted, considering the amount of effort I plan to put into this, it's a long shot I'll ever get enough money to actually make the commercial. :zzz:
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    Bravo...where can I make my donation ?
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    I'll pledge $10 to that.
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    I wonder if "For Truth" will become as common an ending for attack groups in political campaigns as "gate" has become an ending for scanals. It's actually a great suffix (I bet Orwell's kicking himself for not thinking of it), by just naming the group properly, you're already implying that they're 100% correct, very very smart.
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    I doubt 'for truth' will catch on. It's just not international material.
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    Do Canadian scandals end in "gate" too? Ever had a "Poutine-gate"?
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    There are canadian scandals? :tongue2:
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    Remember the Federal sponsorship scandal?

    Yeah, we just call it what it is: a scandal.
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    I'm not up to notch on Current Events, The only reason I know what little I do about American politics is cuz everyone is talking about them. I prefer Theory.
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