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Football Game Prank

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    I am thinking something similar was also pulled off at the Rose Bowl in the 60's. Hmm this kid may become the next Karl Rove.

    edit: Ah ha history repeats itself.

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    When I read about this story in the news, I thought the punishment was overly harsh for a good prank at a football game. Maybe give the kids a day of detention for lacking originality (they were just copying a prank done elsewhere), but suspension seems really over-blown. It should be the other school's kids who get punished for being so gullible! :biggrin: For those of us who have no interest whatsoever in the game being played on the field, the goofiness in the stands is the only thing interesting about showing up for a game. And it's not like anyone was hurt or could have been...just a good joke and some red faces for falling for the trick (and since the whole school had to fall for it for it to work, it's not like the kids who fell for it will be picked out of the crowd and hassled for it). If they wanted to teach the kids good sportsmanship, then they would not have been punished for a harmless prank, but rather would have recognized it as being all part of the fun and told the rival school to just laugh it off. If they want to continue to promote a sport that inspires competition, then don't punish kids when they have fun being competitive.
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