For a Better understanding of our Crazy Schroedinger CAT World.

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For a Better understanding of our Crazy Schroedinger CAT World.
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The basic idea.

The proposals of this paper are based on a combination of a Holistic and Quantum Mechanistic "Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetrical" worldview by postulating:

1: That there was no "broken symmetry" in the Fractal Big Bang Process and as a result, our universe is "non local" correlated with one or more distant and spatial separated Anti-Mirror Symmetrical COPY Universes, filled with Anti-Matter and filled with ANTI-MIRROR= OPPOSITE RUNNING time.

Clocks will run over there literally anti-clockwise, and as a result, Schrödinger's Cat will live or clearly die in both Universes, because they are supposed to remain each others "Entangled" anti-mirror copies.

Non-Local correlation coined "Big Bang Entanglement" is supposed to act timeless between dual anti-mirror copy Particles living in separated anti-mirror copy universes. Subtle phase shifts between these dual correlated anti-mirror copy particles are supposed to be the origin of the choice between which is the observer and which is the observed particle.

The absolute first particle that changes its "eigenstate" by a real collision event, is supposed to be the trigger (observer) for the other anti-mirror copy particle to do the opposite, within the opposite anti-mirror Universe. As a result these particles will stay always each others "Entangled" Anti-Mirror Copy.

2: That Elementary Particles have real rigid geometrical shapes, which can transform by collision into other shapes by Anti-Mirror Symmetrical Transformation rules. Thus Elementary Particles are real objects, however according to the first postulate they have no independent existence. There are A: linear oscillating particles (vacuum particles) , oscillating within the "Star of David" Shaped chiral vacuum lattice, there are B: spinning particles (Fermions) driven by vacuum particles, there are C: motionless particles inside the nuclei of black holes, which are compressed against their own collective "bow tension", "collecting" oscillating vacuum particles , bouncing at the outside of the nucleus, and there are D: particles in temporary transition between these three states of motion like real particle based photons and neutrinos. The Big Bang is supposed to be a complex transition from motionless particles ( C ) into A , B and temporary D states.

The Holistic part of this reality is based on a new dual Universal EPR correlation system by using the so called TI (Transaction Interpretation) described by J.G. Cramer. This TI Interpretation is an alternative and more objective interpretation of Quantum Mechanics formalism. It employs an explicitly nonlocal "transaction" model for quantum events with OPPOSITE RUNNING TIME. (see: [Broken] )

If we try to create anti-symmetrical twin particles with anti-symmetrical spin or polarization in the Laboratory, the so called non-local EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlation is always active between these particles, no matter how far the particles are separated. Thus it is challenging to assume that such an EPR correlation (coined "Big Bang Entanglement" BBE) started in the Big Bang and is still active between "distant twin particles" in distant anti-mirror Universes, no matter how far these (Anti-Mirror) universes are separated, as a "Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetrical" compensation for our "material" Universe. At the same time these Copy universes form TOGETHER a Quantum Mechanical "Closed System" in the pure meaning of Classical Quantum Mechanics, they are each others observers and anti-mirror observed subjects with opposite running time, if we assume that "anti-copy events" in both universes are subtle and random phase shifted in time.

The Mechanistic part of this reality is based on the idea that Waves are in conflict with the idea of Particles. Thus waves must be based on discrete quantum mechanical events and vacuum particle oscillations. On the Quantum scale it is assumed that only real shaped Particles (Fermions and Bosons) and real Particle shape transformations by collisions between them, are the second base for "Anti-Mirror Symmetrical" reality and the base for the UNIFICATION of all forces in nature. With an exception for Neutrinos, Fermions or Bosons can be created directly by collision out of "Virgin" vacuum particles or by a series of transformations. As a consequence, all particles and even the vacuum itself must be based on geometrical shapes.

Mainstream physics is telling us: that in the "standard Hot Inflation Big Bang" process there was ANTI-MIRROR particle symmetry (equal amounts of fermions and anti-fermions) between all particles popping out of the Big Bang vacuum as EPR correlated twin fermions, before a not well understood Anti-Symmetrical Annihilation of these particles took place, killing all the anti-matter components, which left our "single material" Universe behind instead of an "anti-material" Universe.

However, until now there is no hard evidence found for such an annihilation process, and it seems realistic to search for evidence of an other "classical" possibility, that all these twin fermions have real shapes and are able to collide and merge with other real shaped particles (gluons and photons) to form more complex fermions like quarks and muons.

According to this idea, four vacuum particles can transform into two electron positron pairs which transform after a merging process with gluons or photons, directly into a hydrogen atom, because one electron and two positrons change into three quarks to form the proton by merging with photons and gluons, and one electron will stay "clean" to form the shell of the atom. However this seems to be only possible if the environment (the vacuum) has anti-symmetric mechanical "chiral properties" (left or right handed) which has to be compensated in our opposite Anti-Copy Universe for "Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetry" reasons .

One of the few Holistic-mechanistic worldviews was discussed but abandoned by David Bohm and his collaborator Jean Paul Vigier. David Peat described in his book "Infinite Potential" the gist of the problem, as follows: "Bohm argued that his "quantum potential" guides the electron in a non-mechanical way. But how exactly it operates was less clear. Vigier favored explaining the process in terms of some sort of underlying mechanism- a sub-quantum fluid, perhaps. In his opinion the electron exchanges energy and momentum with this fluid and in this sense the electron is "pushed along" (by the fluid). Bohm went along with Vigier for a time, but eventually he felt that his theory was being forced too far back in the direction of Classical Physics. The two men simply drifted apart in their philosophies."

…For Vigier, however, the crisis of the theory lay in the problem of nonlocality. The question of nonlocality is basic to the original debate between Bohr and Einstein on "Independent elements of reality". Einstein argued that if the quantum objects are far enough apart, they must be independent; since quantum theory could not account for this fact, then the theory had to be incomplete. Bohr countered that quantum systems are an "Unanalysable Whole". This wholeness, present in Bohm's theory, implied non-locality."

However, in this paper, it is assumed that Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetry and BBE is the base for consciousness on all levels of existence. At the same time, we must be able in the future to measure the "Unanalysable Whole" of multiple Copy Universes, by more precise human intention/reaction experiments as Benjamin Libet did before.

Leo Vuyk.
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