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For applying to an REU, do you need to be a full-time student?

  1. Feb 7, 2013 #1
    As of right now as a full-time undergrad, I am unprepared for my classes, already behind, and pretty drained from a bunch of family stuff that has been going on. I really would like to drop a class until I can kind of get back on track, however, this would put me at part time. The problem is, I was involved in an REU last semester and really enjoyed it. I wanted to apply to one for this summer, however, I'm not sure if any accept full time students. Some say you must be enrolled full time, but some just say vague things such as, "Be presently majoring in physics"

    I was wondering, do all REUs require you to be a full-time student, or is it just depend on the individual REU you are applying to? I'm wondering if these kind of vague "you must be majoring in physics" assumes you know you must be full time?

    More background information in case you're interested:
    As of right now, I am enrolled in 12 credit hours. (Programming II, Quantum Mechanics, Engineering Dynamics, and World Geography). The current situation stands at, I had a fairly easy and slow-moving Programming I professor, which has put me at a slight disadvantage for Programming II. My professor for modern physics was teaching his very last semester before retirement. Classes consisted of him rambling at us, no examples, no problems, generally no homework except copy things from the book, one extremely simple open book test, no final, he had each student read a chapter and teach the class for 8 classes (4 weeks of class). I learned nearly nothing, whereas half of our quantum mechanics class took it the year after me, with an extremely difficult (but wonderful) professor.

    I had a family member I was very close to pass away the night before the semester started. Without going into too much detail, that day was slightly traumatizing for me. Ended up arriving at school less than 12 hours before my first class. I've been extremely distracted and fairly unmotivated. Then had to skip Thursday/Friday classes to go home for the funeral on Saturday. I didn't even open my bookbag once Thursday to Sunday let alone do any studying or homework.
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