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For Consideration

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    For consideration

    What have we all been taught by our present educational system?

    Education is for children. Education is boring. There is nothing creative about education. Studying is an activity that young people should do. Education is a teacher working valiantly to persuade a passive young person to listen and pay attention.

    Such an educational system does have its important useful function. It is an efficient means to train workers. It quickly teaches its pupils the facts, paradigms and algorithms necessary to get a job and to perform adequately on that job. It does adequately prepare the engineers, accountants, lawyers, nurses, doctors and all those professional people needed by a high tech society.

    We are all aware of this system because we are all products of this system. We all consider this system, as we consider most things, as being the work of nature--much like gravity is a force of nature.

    As long as we remain aware but not conscious of a reality we are unprepared to move beyond that reality. I am asking you to invest some of your time and energy to step out of the reality you are accustomed to and to gain a position were it is possible to become truly conscious of the present situation. This is something the present educational system has never taught us to do. This is only one of many weaknesses in the system, which we can never truly apprehend until we are willing to invest time and intellectual energy to develop our consciousness of that which we accept as being ‘what comes naturally’.

    I am asking you to invest your time and energy in considering a new added mode of education. I am asking you to intellectually make contact with the concept of adults engaged in self-learning during the second half of their life. I am suggesting, for your consideration, the prospect of adults following their own individual curiosity to answer questions that an active critical thinking adult might contemplate.

    I am suggesting that if we were to have a significant number of adults engaged in self-learning that we very well might significantly change the direction of our society.

    What do you have to lose? You can invest a little time and intellectual energy toward the possibility that there may be some value in such an endeavor. What does it cost you to engage your intellect for a few hours a week for a sufficient number of weeks to seriously examine such an idea? Unfortunately there is no money to be made by this activity and thus there is little self-serving motivation for the investment I seek.

    I have been actively engaged in this self-learning experience and I am convinced that it is valuable to the individual and to society in general. I am convinced that if you were to spend some time and intellectual energy in consideration of this matter you would agree that it is worth further study.
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    IMO this is the very description of the problem.
    Education's utility value has been reduced to "something you need to do to get a job". And we all know that employment is the ultimate objective, dont we ? Its the ultimate panacea ... the ultimate dream ... employment for all.

    Given that objective, our education system is quite perfect.
    Why does it matter than it doesn't teach stuff which makes people cultivate independent thinking, critical thinking and analytical skills ?

    Well, we never do stop learning. For eg. for every new assignment on the job, you have to do some research and learning. Everytime you go on a vacation, you learn about that place. Everytime you watch the news or read the newspaper, you learn something.

    But IMO, the fundamentals of knowledge, the pure sciences ... noone really bothers about those things. Thats all "boring" stuff, infra-dig. :yuck:

    So many people are interested in economics, geography, the stock market, politics, litreture etc. But physics, biology, evolutionary psychology, astrophysics, chemistry, maths, memetics etc are the fundamentals behind all these.
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