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For Cyrus

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    What are "smart" women?
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    He's Got Nerve
    Congratulations! You scored 48!
    Well, you'd ask her out, but you might or might not make it through the night, even if you appreciate her wit. She's dizzying -- she thinks fast, jumps from topic to topic without wearying, and generally lives in a different world than yours. Still, it might work, if you're open to it and treat her like gold. Just read up and work that head muscle of yours to keep up.

    Aw, I'm too dumb dumb. :frown:

    PS your link is wrong, I had to find it:


    Hah, for one I voted:

    "Women shouldn't worry about such things." :biggrin:

    Why all the cyrus hating today Evo? Is it because I said that cat test sucked?...It did suck.
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    Right now is as good of a time as any to ban him :)
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    I got an 85: You like smart women and keep several around. They don't scare you, although sometimes they might be a little intimidating. Still, your ego can handle it. Well done!
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    :: Help ::

    I'm probably missing something but I didnt find any test listed with that name.

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    Smart people are great to have as friends, but dating them can be a chore. I wouldn't even want to date myself if I was a woman.
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    Aside from the first question this test is not about smart women, as in women with authentic savvy and intelligence, but about geeky/nerdy/academically-oriented women.
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    I scored a 101, then the site switched to one hosted by all these godess
    brainy type women, and they told me i had to mate with every one of them
    for the good of mankind, the next thing i know i am dematerialising and find
    myself in this paradise full of godess brainy type women, and they are all
    rushing towards me, thats when i woke up :grumpy:
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    It didn't suck. :grumpy:

    And I have no crabcakes. :devil:
  13. Apr 28, 2006 #12
    Did too suck.

    You gota give me an address if you want crabs.

    <get it, crabs....har har. Damn smart women overthinking my lame jokes :grumpy:>
  14. Apr 28, 2006 #13

    I don't think I would describe myself as a man of quality. I do adore smart women though. Even ones that are completely unattractive physically. I know a girl who does theoretical liquid crystal phase transitions. Makes my knees wobbly.
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    Even though I passed, I still think the test sucked.

    And "several"? Where? I must be hiding them somewhere subconsciously....
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    Well, if I'm lucky I'll be sucking crabs tomorrow. :biggrin:

    Russ, I know you've got women, don't deny it.
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    I scored 74, but I don't think it's that accurate. All intelligence isn't equally exciting.

    Math teachers are sexy. A book on Myths and Folklore doesn't excite me that much - it would have to be broken up so you could read an interesting paragraph or two at breakfast after you got bored reading the corn flakes box.
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    Hmm, Where are these smart women hiding??? :confused:

    I scored 77.
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