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For fans of Bill Watterson

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    I found this interview a few minutes ago while searching for one of his strips: http://www.cleveland.com/living/index.ssf/2010/02/bill_watterson_creator_of_belo.html

    At one point, I had all of the Calvin and Hobbes books that were available for purchase. I started reading them around age seven. I'm still amazed by how his strips are not only funny to seven-year-olds, but also to "grown-ups."

    Hopefully the interview isn't a complete fabrication. Is there any way to verify this?
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    cleveland.com is the web site of Cleveland's main (only?) newspaper, the Plain Dealer (I grew up with that paper when I was a kid, even though we lived 50 miles away), so I don't doubt that the interview is authentic.

    I've eyed the boxed three-volume "Complete Calvin and Hobbes" many times in bookstores, but never felt quite extravagant enough to pay $150 for it (or $92-ish at amazon.com).
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    thanks for posting this remembrance. My kids just loved Calvin and Hobbes along with teenage mutant ninja turtles.
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