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News For other party members: Who woudl you like to see as president in 08?

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    Who would you most like to see in the White House?

    Some one from the Libertarian party, or the Green party, or the Constitutionalist party or the natural law party, or the communist party, or what have you.
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    Of course, I could see myself becoming a Libertarian. If I do, I'll probably support, uh, .... :confused:

    Oh, now I remember why I don't become a Libertarian. No serious candidate ever runs as a Libertarian - they have to nominate flakes.

    I think Libertarians hurt themselves by going for the body count (how many elections have Libertarian candidates) rather than quality. In our local elections, we had a father-son combo of semi-unemployed electricians running for a couple of offices as Libertarians. Their business was going so bad that they had a lot of time on their hands. It's not that they're flakier than the average person - it's just that the average political banter out at the construction site really isn't enough to establish a political vision. Voters hear them talk and think they're plain goofy. Those types of candidates reflect badly on the Libertarian Party in general.
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    I know the guy is ancient and never will run for election again, but Pat Buchanan.
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