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What era of music do you listen to mostly?

  1. 1960's-before

    14 vote(s)
  2. 1970's

    18 vote(s)
  3. 1980's

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  4. 1990's

    16 vote(s)
  5. 2000-beyond

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  1. ~christina~

    ~christina~ 820
    Gold Member

    :smile: Anything music :smile:

    Favorite type of music
    Favorite artist
    Bad music
    Bad artist

    I'll start with my playlist:
    • Everybody Wants to rule the world - Tears for Fears
    • Isn't she lovely -Stevie Woder
    • Shout-Tears for Fears
    • Come on Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners
    • Who Can it Be Now? -Men at Work
    • I come from the land down under-Men at Work
    • Take on Me-Aha
    • Beyond the Sea-Robbie Williams
    • Private Eyes-Hall and Oats
    • Put your head on my sholder-Paul Anka
    • Piano Man -Billy Joel
    • Venus-Bananarama
    • Hero-Mariah Carey
    • How Will I Know-Whitney Houston
    • Footloose- Kenny Loggins
    • I wanna Dance with somebody-Whitney Houston
    • I just called to say I love you- Stevie Wonder
    • All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey
    • Dreamlover-Mariah Carey
    • Can't fight this feeling-REO speedwagon
    • Kansha (gratitude)- RSP
    • Carribean Queen-Billy Ocean
    • Eye of the Tiger- Survivor
    • Careless Whisper- Wham
    • Sherry- Franki Valli and the Four Seasons
    • Glory of Love- Peter Cetera
    • When You believe- Whitney Houston featuring Mariah Carey
    • Rock Around the clock- Bill Haley
    • One more night- Phil Collins
    • That's what friends are for Dionne Warwick
    • Maneater- Hall and Oats
    • Baby Love- Supremes
    • I can't go for that- Hall and Oats
    • Missing You- John Waite
    • Part time lover- Stevie Wonder
    • Your kiss is on my list - Hall and Oats
    • I will always love you -Whitney Houston
    • Last Christmas - George Micheel
    • Dancing in the Dark- Bruce Springsteen
    • Come Go with me- Del Vikings
    • Against all odds- Phil Collins
    • Teenager in love- Dion and the Belmonts
    • Come see about me- The supremes
    • Abracadabra- Steve Miller Band
    • You give love a bad name- Bon Jovi
    • Since I don't have you - The Skyliners
    • Broken Wings- Mister Mister
    • I say a Little prayer- Dionne Warwick
    • Toto- Africa
    • Everytime you go away- Paul Young
    • Together forever- Rick Astley
    • Out of Touch- Hall and Oats
    • Where did our love go- Dianna Ross and the Supremes
    • What a feeling- Irene Cara
    • Surfin Safari- Beach Boys
    • Do you want to dance-Beach Boys
    • Wouldn't it be nice- Beach Boys
    • Tragedy- BeeGees
    • Wedding day- BeeGees
    • Heart of Glass- Blondie
    • Babe- Stynx
    • Rich Girl- Hall and Oats
    • Oh girl- Chi Lites
    • Aint no mountain high enough- Dianna Ross
    • Crocodile Rock- Elton John
    • You make me feel like Dancing- Leo Sayer
    • T.S.O.P- Sound of Philadelphia
    • Self Control- Branigan
    • Shining Star- The Manhattans
    • Call Me- Blondie
    • Heveni is a place on earth-Belinda Carliste

    • Jupiter the bringer of Jollity- Holst
    • Waltz of the Flowers- Tchaikovsky
    • Dance of the reed flutes- Tchaikovsky
    • Romance (the gadfly) -Shostakovich
    • La scala di seta- Rossini
    • Time to say goodbye- Quarantotto
    • Most songs by- Yanni
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  3. Well I can't vote because I listen to music from nearly all of those era's. Nothing really pre 60's though. There is to much great music out there to limit yourself to one decade :)
  4. 80's for me. As corny as the 80's were, they -- along with the early 90's -- were when Metal was in its prime. No, not Van Halen or Motley Crue, I mean REAL metal, like Slayer, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc.

    I also have some stuff from the 70's, like Judas Priest and Sabbath, all of Queen, and then I also listen to Wagner, Holst, Pink Floyd, John Coltrane.

    So I listen to more than Metal, but it's still my favorite genre.
  5. ~christina~

    ~christina~ 820
    Gold Member

    note: you can vote for more than one era or all if you wish:smile:
  6. Ack, didn't notice that. Only voted for the 80's. :frown:
  7. Danger

    Danger 9,663
    Gold Member

    I had to click all of them. Everything from Strauss waltzes to Red Hot Chili Peppers gets me going. I have a particular fondness for Green Day and Weird Al. Also 10cc, Elton John, and of course Black Sabbath. MoTown is probably my overall favourite sound, though.
  8. I selected the 70's and 90's off the top of my head but really, I listen to every era because they all have great music.
  9. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    My playlist

    Peter Schilling - Major Tom

    David Bowie - Space Oddity

    Peter Gabriel - In your eyes

    Erik Mongraine - Air Tao

    Gerry rafferty Baker Street

    Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore

    Traffic - John Barleycorn muist die

    Traffic - Rainmaker

    Traffic - Low spark of high heeled boys

    Dead Can Dance - Toward the within - Rakim

    Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love

    Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young - Exoecting to fly

    Spirit - Whe I touch you

    13th Floor elevators - Splash 1

    Kinks - Lola

    Magnetic Fields - Death of Ferdinand De Saussure

    Magnetic Fields - Crazy about you, but not that crazy

    Incubus - Wish you were here

    Incubus - Nice to know you

    Clannad - Harry's Game

    Cranberries - Linger
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  10. turbo

    turbo 7,063
    Gold Member

    It's hard to choose. I grew up listening to country, blues and Mo-town, and by the time I was playing in bands (1960's) I was often playing covers of songs that had been blues songs that had become popular by being covered by British bands.
  11. turbo

    turbo 7,063
    Gold Member

    I bought the CD based on my opinion of this one song. Highly recommended.
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  12. I thought late 90s were gold. But if I had really choose then all time faviourates would be 50s, 60s and 70s.
  13. lisab

    lisab 3,188
    Staff Emeritus
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    I've found that the more I listen to new music, the less I like the old stuff. There's so many fantastic new bands!

    Guess that's one advantage of having a teenager. She's always feeding me new music.

    But I have a great love for bluegrass, too.
  14. turbo

    turbo 7,063
    Gold Member

    lisab, if you don't have Allison Krause & Union Station's live double CD, run out and buy it now! It is possibly the best live recording in years, comparable to Dire Straits "On the Night" in virtuosity and recording quality.
  15. today's music come with a video and I'm concerned that they're trying to attract listerners more to the soft porn they show rather than the music. The music as a result reflects it and is becoming more porn music. Though I haven't listened to a lot of recent music but just an observation I picked up during random views at music channels.
  16. lisab

    lisab 3,188
    Staff Emeritus
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    I was a teen when MTV made its debut, and I thought it was the stupidest idea ever conceived! I couldn't sit still long enough to watch videos...I figured it was a fad that wouldn't last.

    I haven't seen an music video in probably 25 years!

    There's a lot of good new music. I can't speak to the quality of the videos, though.
  17. Used to play in a 'garage' band when I was a kid, so had to go with 60s and 70s.
  18. lisab

    lisab 3,188
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    I love AK & US! I don't have that CD, so thanks. I'll definately check it out.

    Lately I've been listening to old stuff, from the Carter Family. Much of it was recorded back in the 1920s and 30s, and a lot of the recordings are really bad quality - very scratchy. Great music, though, at least to my ears.

    BTW, June Carter was from the Carter Family - she married Johnny Cash.
  19. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    When I listen to the radio, I listen to an Indie/Alternative music station. I like the new stuff, although I have some odd old favorites (on my list).
  20. lisab

    lisab 3,188
    Staff Emeritus
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    Yeah, that's the kind of new music that really appeals to me, too.
  21. turbo

    turbo 7,063
    Gold Member

    I had an AM radio as a kid, and I listened to it every night when I went to bed. After sunset, my cheesy little radio could pick up megastations in Wheeling, WV (country), Albany, NY (lots of rock, esp British invasion), and Buffalo, NY (Motown, all the way!). The stations in central Maine were OK during the day, but big AM stations ruled at night.
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