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For the love of!

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    To all the people that answered my previous questions with a "Stop posting so much and get it already!'reply, I AM 13 YEARS OLD! Of course I'm not going to get everything that you guys tell me, so instead of waiting weeks for a new answer to my thread, I post a new similar one. So next time try not to be so disciplinary.

    Give me credit for not being on my space or something and actually doing something for my future...
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    So, you want us to treat you as a child then?

    I thought you'd appreciate being treated as a person whose age is irrelevant and whose intellect is the only thing that matters... :wink:

    I confess, for my own sake, I deliberately have a very short memory online. Five minutes after this post, I will have forgotten your age, and will treat you like any other member. This is deliberate, and for your benefit. (Unless you'd prefer that I read each one of your subsequent posts as if you are a child...)

    P.S. It is great that you are interested in your future. I envy you. I wish I'd been interested in my future when I was 13. Heck, I wish I'd been interested in my future when I was 18... If I could back back now, I'd kick my own a$$.
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    Darn you and your scientific reasoning, all I ask is that you realize that I won't be able to grasp analogies as quickly as you guys.
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    Yes you do. We all have our blind spots. Your age does not single you out that way.
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    I believe it's inappropriate to give your age on the internet especially if you're a young kid. Please do not do so ever again.
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