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News For those of you who think Bush was elected based on Gay marriage

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    For those of you who think Bush was elected based on Gay marriage....

    From another board I am on.....

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    I have old friends who are born again Christians in Texas and at their prayer meetings they have been going to extremes calling and writing people to push them into going to the polls to vote against the gay marriage issue and vote for Bush. The Southern Baptists had a HUGE push on this and I am certain so did other organized religious groups.

    If it wasn't for this effort, it is possible Bush would have lost. We may never know exactly how responsible religious groups were for the outcome of this election, but these groups are (among themselves) taking credit for it.
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    Many single issues can be credited as causing Kerry to lose. However, the reality is that all of those issues together made Bush win. But, you can still blame anyone one of them justifiably. Anti gay marriage individuals can be blamed. I go further and blame organized religion, but I'm a heretic.
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