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Homework Help: Force acting on a conductor

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    I need to calculate the size of a force acting on a conductor if the length of the conductor is 200mm, the flux density is 2 tesla and the current flow is 5A.

    thanks, cs
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    The force on the conductor is:

    [tex] F = ILBsin(\theta)[/tex]


    I = current
    L = conductor length
    B = flux density
    theta = the angle of the conductor relative to the direction of the field

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    Any chance you could work it out for me mate, im just in a rush to get the rest of my folder sorted out for tomorrow, plus i would know where to start to work it out
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    No. We don't do homework for students as it is prohibited in the Forum Rules:


    I've given you the formula and you have the numbers (make sure your units are correct), all you have to do is plug-n-chug. Of course you'll need to know the angle (if it's not given assume it is perpendicular).

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