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Force Analysis of lifting Snowmobile (Ergonomical Analysis)

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    I am conducting an ergonomical analysis of the current method of moving a snowmobile on dry land using dollies. One must manually lift the track (rear) of the sled onto one dolly, then one ski at a time also onto an individual dolly. I need to conduct a force analysis of the situation to determine the force a user needs to exert while lifting the rear and front of sled. I do not have access to a force meter. I believe this can be solved through physics. The sled weighs 509 lbs. The weight is not evenly distributed obviously as the motor is in the front of the sled between and slightly behind the skis. The sled is 10.7 feet long. The sled is 4.0 ft wide. Please advise me with some tips/knowledge on how a force analysis could be done on this situation. Thank you!
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