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Homework Help: Force and acceleration! and graphs!

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    i know that acceleration and force are similar and dependent on one another...but are they always the same and are their graphs always identical??? or are they just proportional??? :frown:

    Also, anyone know how answer this question:

    two forces are applied to a cart with two different spring scales (whats a spring scale?) the spring scale F1 reads 2.0 N. the cart moves toward the left with acceleration towards the left of 2.50 m/s/s. what does spring scale F2 read? :confused:

    i know i need to use proportions to solve this...or at least i think so...but i dont know where to start...thanx for all ur help in advance guys :smile:
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    A spring scale is simply a method of reading the spring force.
    The problem description is not adequate to solve . Ray
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    ok...at least now i have an idea of what a spring scale IS...but i still have no idea how to go about solving this problem...anyone have any ideas? :frown:
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    Doc Al

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    For a given mass, the net force applied is proportional to the resulting acceleration. For example: Double the force and you double the acceleration.
    Not enough info given. I suspect you left out the resulting acceleration when F2 is applied.
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