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Homework Help: Force and moment question on a sphear

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    http://img457.imageshack.us/img457/7227/problem8sp.png [Broken]

    If a ball is affected by a force P OR a moment M, what will this force or moment have to be in order to make the ball roll over the edge.

    My initial guess is that the force [tex]F\cos a[/tex] has to equal (or be greater?) mg, where m is the mass of the ball. Now I need some help in order to figure this out. Will the force P equal the force F or will it equal [tex]F\sin a[/tex]? My guess is also that the force F is pointing towards the center of the ball. This should make it easy to calculate the angle a since if we draw a triangle from the center of the circle to the edge of that "stair" we will have a height of (r-h) and the hypotenuse will be r (r equals the radius).

    Also I could need an extra help with getting the same result through the moment. I know I could turn the moment into a force but then the force would be pointing down (or up, depending on the distance).

    Greatly thankful for any support you could provide.
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