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Homework Help: Force and momentum

  1. Nov 6, 2006 #1
    hey, just need help on this question. i know the answer but i need all the working out as i have a test tommorrow and dont understand how and when to use the equations of motion and change in momentum etc.

    A 3.0kg mass moving at 4.0ms at 135degress collides with a 4.0kg mass moving at 2.0ms at 315 degrees. The collision occurs over 0.20s and the 3.0kg mass is measured to be moving off at 1.0ms at 135 degrees. Find:

    a) the final velocity of the 4.0kg mass
    b) the acceleration of the 3.0kg mass
    c) The force acting on each mass.

    Thanks a lot people!
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    According to the rules of our forum, one is required to show one's own efforts before requesting assistance. :smile:
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    In other words, what do you know and what help do you need?
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