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Force and Motion

  1. Feb 18, 2005 #1
    A circular curve of highway is designed for traffic moving at 60km/h. Assume the traffic consists of cars without negative lift. (a). If the radius of the curve is 150m, what is the correct angle of banking of the road? (b) If the curve were not banked, what would be the minimum coefficient of friction between tires and road that would keep traffic from skidding out of the turn when traveling at 60km/h?.............for part (a). i used tan-1 (v2)/(gR).......i got v= 16.6m/s.......g=9.8m/s2.......R=150m........answer i got 11 degrees........what equation would i use for part (b)........ :confused:
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    iam thinking for part (b) i would use tan(11)= .1944 for the friction....am i doing this correctly.....??????
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