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Homework Help: Force and Torque exerted by Ferris wheel

  1. Dec 2, 2008 #1
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this physics forum. Please tell me that my calculation whether is it correct or not. The diameter of Ferris wheel 30m. speed 10 RPM. Mass of the wheel is 35000kgs. calculating the force and torque exerted by the wheel.

    Force = ma; a = v^2/r; 15.7^2/15= 16.43 m/s^2;
    therefore, Force = F = 35000 kgs x 16.43 m/s^2 = 575143.38 Newtons;
    Torque = Iw = I x alpha = I x (a/r); I = MR^2 = 35000 x 15^2 = 7875000 kg-m^2;
    alpha = a/r = 16.43/15 = 1.095 rad/sec;
    So, Torque = 7875000 x 1.095 = 8623125 Nm

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