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Force applied to folcrum

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    I am trying to install a small crane to lift my disabled uncle into a boat. The crane is 41 inches high and the boom is 60 inches long. My uncle's weight is 250 pounds. What is the force that will be placed on the base of the crane. This answer will allow me to decide if I can mount the crane on the side or top of the fiberglass boat. Thank You
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    Your question is stated in terms of a fulcrum which makes it sound like a lever question, but then you asked about a crane on a boat. All in all this is not very clear.

    To make it a bit more unclear, unless the boat is very large abeam, when you begin to lift your uncle, by whatever means, the boat will begin to roll changing the geometry and making the problem all the more complicated.

    May I suggest mounting the crane on the pier?
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