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Homework Help: Force applied

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    At the end of the semester Peter and Paul are moving out of the dorms. The are holding a 6 kg box hung from a homogeneous pole of unknown mass. The position from which the 6 kg box is hung is also unknown. The length of the pole is 1.4 m. As they carry the box, the pole is horizontal. At the left end of the, Peter applies a force of 67.9 N making an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal. At the right end, Paul applies an unknown force making a 30 degree angle with the horizontal. The system is in static equilibrium.

    A) The x-component of the force applied by Peter is?
    B)The magnitude of the force applied by Paul is?
    C)The unknown mass of the pole is?
    D) The distance to the left end of the pole form the point where the 6 kg mass is hung is?

    I have figured out A by 67.9 x Cos 60 = -33.95.

    For part B, I assumed that the magnitude of Paul would have to equal the magnitude of Peter's force but I have not been able to come up witht he answer. Thanks.
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    Start by drawing a free-body diagram of the pole. Remember that in static equilibrium, all forces and all torques must sum to 0.
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