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Force between two magnets

  1. Apr 10, 2014 #1
    If i have one magnet A which can lift(hold) 1kg(9,8N) and i have another magnet B which can lift 10kg(98N), what would the force between these magnets be?

    I don't need an exact answer, but i do see to possibilities:

    1: The force would be stronger then both the magnets
    2: The force would be stronger than A, but weaker then B (somewhere in between)

    Which one is it?
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    This is a very geometry dependent situation. It depends on the shape of the magnets and their orientation and relative positions with respect to each other.
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    I imagine that the magnets are in contact(very close) and that the fields around them are in such a way that the maximum force possible is observed
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    When a magnet picks up high mu iron, the iron gets the magnetization M of the magnet picking it up.
    If the 1kg magnet has a locked in M, the force will be close to the average.
    However (and more likely) if the 1kg magnet can be magnetized by the 10 kg magnet (just as iron is),
    Then the force will be close to that of the 10 kg magnet.
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