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This is not a homework question! I am not a physics guru (clearly) and need help solving what I think is probably a simple calculation for someone who knows what they're doing:

I have a rotating plate with a "ramp" or wedge growing out of the perimeter of the plate. The wedge is perpendicular to the plate. The diameter of the plate is 8' so the circumference is 25.12'. For the sake of this calculation, assume that the bottom of the wedge is 20' across and the height of the wedge at the end is 2'. What I need to know is how to calculate the outward force exerted by the wedge (this would be the force perpendicular to the plate). I know the torque that I will apply (the force parallel to the plate): 52,920 ft/lbs.

Any help would make a sane man out of me.


a drawing or picture would help...
You say that the bottom of the wedge is 20 inches across, and yet you prevoiusly said that the disk was 25+ inches in diam. How do these two relate?

Is this a face cam? You talk about wanting the outward force exerted by this wedge. Is that radially outward, or is that paralled to the axis of rotation?

As dipstik said, we really need a picture.

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