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Force - can you regulate it without storing it ?

  1. Oct 10, 2014 #1

    Can people help me think of examples of situation in which a fixed force is regulated/varied without actually storing the force ?

    for example in an inverter, voltage (i.e the force) is converted from a fixed form to a variable form with the usage of storage capacitors. in a generator, mechanical energy (the force) is converted to electrical energy, but the force is first absorbed by the rotor/stator and then converted to electricity.
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    Hmmm... I'm not sure your terminology is accurate. As far as I know, you cannot store a force, you can only exert it. Also, energy is not force. The two are entirely different concepts.
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    good point. let me rephrase the question. Can you convert a fixed voltage (fixed force) to a variable voltage without storing energy ?
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    How about a lever with variable position pivot or arms?
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    That depends on what you mean by "storing". A transformer will convert voltage to a higher or lower amount, and isn't generally used to store energy, but in reality some energy will be stored and released in the magnetic field during operation.

    In the case of mechanical force, a simple lever or gear system will do the trick.
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    For voltage, use a potentiometer - set up so that you have a voltage divider with a variable tap.
    In general, if you don't want to store energy, you can simply divert the part of the flow you don't want.
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