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Force due to pipe bend

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    I have question that I'm sure has been asked before. Maybe if you could point me to a thread that'd be great.

    The water flows steady discharging to atmosphere. I need to find the horizontal componant of force in the flanged joint & find if it's in tension or compression.

    I think I have a Conservation of Momentum problem that I can't figure what I'm doing wrong. I have attached the problem. I figured that due to uniform, steady flow Q=constant so that V1A1=V2A2. So with that I plugged into the momentum flux equation.

    =density of water((v2^2)(A2)(cos30)-(V1^2)(A1))+(Pressure)(A2)

    If it discharges to atmosphere then I thought maybe it's Pressure(gage)(A1) instead of A2? I think I'm all over the place with this one.

    Thanks for any assistance clearing the fog

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    Please post the exact, complete text of the question, as given to you.
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    Sorry, reattached.

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    Never mind I figured it out. Thanks anyway. I was using for my V2 the resultant vector for both V's. One is the magnitude in the dot product the other V is the vector found by the Vcos(30).
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