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Force, energy, and power

  1. Nov 27, 2013 #1
    Hey today in class the subject was biomecanics.

    My teacher wais that

    Power = Masse * accelleration

    This puzzles me becuase why is power not = energy?

    I my World it can't be the same because Einstein said:

    E = M * C2

    Is power ≠ Energy or should my teachers definertion of power be changes to Power = Masse * accelleration2
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    Somebody is off.

    Force = mass * acceleration. (F = ma, one of Newton's Laws)

    And power is not the same thing as energy anyway.
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    If anything, power=mass*acceleration*speed.

    power &= \frac {work} {time}\\
    &= \frac {force \times displacement}{time}\\
    &= mass \times acceleration \frac {displacement}{time}\\
    &= {mass \times acceleration \times speed}

    (not that it makes much sense in terms of solving any particular problem, but at least units are OK)
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