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Homework Help: Force Exerted by Individual Molecules

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    I have absolutely no idea how to do this question. I've tried several different ways.. tried using the equation:
    [itex]P = (1/3)*(N/V)*2*((3/2)kT)[/itex]

    Then using the idea that:
    [itex]P = F/A[/itex]

    No luck. I think I'm doing things wrong. Does this have something to do with internal energy? ([itex]U = (3/2)nRT[/itex])
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    First find the pressure P using PV=nRT.

    Now find the partial pressure due to a single molecule, p=P/(total number of molecules)

    Now you can calculate the force due to a single molecule on the walls using p=f/A =>f=pA
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