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Force exerted by like charges

  1. Aug 30, 2014 #1
    We all know that energy is required for exerting a pull or push on anything. The amount of energy exerted is proportional to the amount of force exerted and the time period. So if we place 2 like charges near each other, then what energy do they utilize to exert repulsion force on each other.
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    Simon Bridge

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    The energy comes from the electric field.

    Note: no energy is required to get a force - consider the case of stationary charges, or a magnet stuck to a fridge.
    What you are thinking of is the change of energy.
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    Absolutely... and if you want to think of this in terms of energy, its called "Electrostatic potential energy"
    Someone must have done work to bring those two charges in that position.. and the work did by that "someone" got stored up as the potential energy.
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    Doc Al

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    Neither of those statements is true.
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