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Force exerted on a Fixed Vane Plz help?

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    Force exerted on a Fixed Vane....Plz help?

    Hi everyone....:)

    Consider :- "The general Impulse momentum equation for a Control Volume"

    F = M1+M2

    F is the sum of all external forces acting on the Control volume{CV}...
    so applying this to a jet impinging on a fixed curved vane ....
    I think the external forces on the CV are:
    1) End pressure forces [at start and end of the CV...{plz download http://www.fzuploads.com/files/10/9/1255081847-sridhar1867-Reference-FM-Streeter.rar.rar" to refer to CV taken here...or any other references needed for this} and the pressure force acting due to the surrounding atmosphere.
    2) Force on CV by Vane.{this is alright for me}

    But none of the texts ever accounts for the pressure forces exerted on a the CV in case of vane [I think more specifically...zero gauge pressure flow,and neglecting change in elevation at the end Control sufaces,neglecting friction]...WHY arent the pressure forces considered here...

    Can anyone help me as to where am I exactly messing up..Plz?.. :( :(..:confused:..:confused:

    In the rare case you need any quick revision on the basics plz http://www.fzuploads.com/files/10/9/1255081847-sridhar1867-Reference-FM-Streeter.rar.rar"...In the rar file I have included as to how the "General Control volume conservation equation","General Impulse momentum equation" are derived in the book I use-"FM by V.L.Streeter" and also the section "Force exerted on a vane" .

    Any help Welcome....:)

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