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Force exerted on human body doing various activities?

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    Does anyone know of a website or source of where I can find a list of various activities and what force is dealt to the body/head while doing it? Some examples I am looking for include car crash (whiplash), fighter pilots, and football players. Im looking to get as many examples as possible. Thanks@!!!
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    Hmm...no responses yet.. Anyone have ANYTHING? :frown:
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    I did a quick search and found this, so you may already have it

    Crash test stats- http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/testing/comply/

    I didn't see anything helpful on pilots or football players

    Hope it help.
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    Car crash

    (Mass of car + mass of person) x's acceleration = mass of person x's decceleration

    The person will feel the same force that would be exerted by the car.

    Most will be simple physics problems.

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