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Force Heretic 1: Remnant

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Force Heretic 1: Remnant
Sean Williams and Shane Dix


Remnant is an exhilarating novel, which keeps the reader engrossed in the book by using excitement, cliffhangers, and much more, such as multiple story lines going on at once. This science fiction novel, written by two professional authors of science fiction and fantasy novels, is an exciting book about an alien species, calling themselves the Yuuzahn Vong, that have invaded the galaxy and conquered about three fourths of it. They have taken over the capital planet of the New Republic, which is the government of most of the galaxy. The Jedi, who have been built up once more by Luke Skywalker, are all that stand between the Yuuzahn Vong and galactic domination. This book is book 15 out of a 19 book series and in this book a group of Jedi set out on a quest that they believe will tell them how to reclaim their galaxy.
Plot Summary
Three years ago, an alien species named the Yuuzahn Vong lashed out from the edge of the galaxy. They moved thousands of warships and World ships, which contained warriors, shapers, priests, shamed ones, and all their other castes. The Yuuzahn Vong are led by Supreme Overlord Shimmra, a Yuuzahn Vong that once had a twin, which he killed early in his life. Among the Vong, twins are very uncommon and only are born ever few centuries. Shimmra was one such Yuuzahn Vong, and as was the Vong custom, he killed his twin and took up the role as Supreme Overlord, and now leads the Yuuzahn Vong. When the Vong invaded the galaxy, they met little resistance until they met resistance by the Jedi Knights of the Republic. The Jedi proved incredibly strong and had special powers given to the by the Force. They use weapons called lightsabers, which the Vong consider an abomination because it is non-living. They hate machinery and therefore despise the Jedi for using machinery. Now, the Yuuzahn Vong have been weakened by an attack planned by the great Admiral Ackbar, who commanded the attack against the second death star, and they are trying desperately to regain warriors by breeding them and by planting slave seeds into the native species of the galaxy. The slaves are completely controlled and they have become expendable warriors for the Yuuzahn Vong. After the last Jedi Knight of the Old Republic died, due to a suicidal attack that killed thousands of Yuuzahn Vong and saved Jacen and Jaina solo, along with their two Jedi friends, they found that she was once on a planet called Zonama Sekot, a living planet that moves at it’s own will. Zonama Sekot made living ships of its own and everything was, well, living. The Yuuzahn Vong were scouting the galaxy at that time and when they heard there was a living planet that existed in our galaxy they rushed to see it. When Zonama Sekot’s leader refused to reveal their secrets, the Yuuzahn Vong killed him and attacked the planet thereby provoking the wrath of the planet. Zonama Sekot used it’s amazing power to repel the invaders once and for all. Vergere had then gone up to the Vong warship and went to their galaxy with them, hoping to find out their secrets. Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Tekli, (a jedi healer) Danni Quee a Jedi in training and also a brilliant physicist, and Saba Sabantyne, a barabel who saw the ending of her home planet and accidentally killed some of the barabels that were left by destroying a Vong slave ship, went to search the galaxy for Zonama Sekot along with a way to rid their galaxy of the Yuuzahn Vong.
Meanwhile, Jaina solo, Han solo, Leia Organa Solo, Tahiri Veila and Jag Fel set out on a mission to help isolated areas that have lost all available communications with the New Republic. While Luke, Jacen, Mara, and the others are on their mission, they get dragged out of hyperspace by a Yuuzahn Vong mine that is by the Imperial Remnant. This is the rising action and is leading up to the conflict. The Republic had long since made peace with the imperial remnant but many still held grudges. Now, the convoy of Jedi decided to help the Empire. Sending them a list of tactics and using a jamming device, which Danni Quee developed to prevent the living war coordinators from communicating with Yuuzahn Vong pilots. After the battle, what was left of the Imperial Fleet met at the Imperial Shipyards with the group of Jedi. The Jedi helped them organize an attack that would hopefully hurt the Yuuzahn Vong enough to give up on destroying the Empire. They plan an attack that has the entire imperial fleet surrounding their most powerful planet. The planet fires with Ion cannons, turbo lasers, and orbiting defense platforms armed with proton torpedoes, guns, and concussion missiles. It is a major victory for the empire, and for the Jedi leading the Imperial Remnant to form a strong alliance with the New Republic.
I believe that battle with the Yuuzahn Vong was as close to a climax as this book can have because this book is in a series and the true climax will not occur until the last or second-to-last book. However, this is the climax of the book because this is where the action is at it’s highest and when very important things (like the new alliance with the Empire) occur.
Han, Leia, Jaina, and the others are visiting a planet that is secretly trading with the Yuuzahn Vong. When they discover this, it is almost too late. Just when they are about to leave the planet, Yuuzahn Vong show up to enslave the people on the planet. Han, Leia, and Tahiri take the Falcon into space and quickly join the fight, while Jaina and Jag take their squadron immediately to the fight. Han and Leia called on the New Republic warship they took with them and it soon joined the fight. After the Yuuzahn Vong are defeated, Han and Leia jump into Hyperspace in search of the next planet they had to help.
The primary conflict in this novel is Man vs. Alien because it is mainly the Jedi and New Republic against the alien Yuuzahn Vong. An example of this is when Luke and the rest of the Jedi lead the empire in the attack against the Yuuzahn Vong, and is also shown when Jaina, Jag, Leia, and Han fight off the group that was sent to enslave the civilians of the planet they were helping. A secondary conflict in this novel is Man vs. Unknown because when Luke and the rest of the Jedi get pulled out of hyperspace, they had to act without being prepared and they had no idea they would be leading the Empire into battle.
Author Evaluation
Sean Williams and Shane Dix did a very good job on this book. They used suspense and excitement to keep the reader hooked; I couldn’t put the book down. He made you feel like you were the character, because when you got caught up in the excitement. You felt like you were living the story. Unlike some other books, this book had no boring parts and you just want to keep reading. I believe this book was exciting almost all the time because, since this is a series, the climax will really pick up in the next few books because the series is coming to an end.
My Final Impression On Remnant
At the end of the book, many questions were left unanswered because it is a series. Who was the mysterious contact that met with Han and Leia just after the fight with the Yuuzahn Vong and just before they jumped into hyperspace? Will Luke and his group of Jedi find Zonama Sekot? If they do will they unlock the key that will destroy the Yuuzahn Vong? Will they discover how to sense the Yuuzahn Vong through the Force? And will Han and Leia succeed in their mission? All these questions, and more, make me want to continue the series until it is over. So, overall, this book had a good final impression. It is a well written and well thought out book that uses a combination of suspense, excitement, and science fiction action to keep the reader hooked.
I have read several books like this because I read all the previous books in this series. However, they are all different in their own way, which is most likely caused by the different way the authors think. This is one of my favorite novels in the series although I do like a few, such as Star By Star more. They are all exciting books and are all in the science fiction genre.
I would read another book by these authors because I like their writing styles and I like how he keeps the reader stuck on the book with danger, suspense, excitement, and science-fiction action. I also like how they knew the right moment to do things like how they kept building up the action and then they wrote the huge battle seen.
Yes, I would read another book in this genre because science fiction is my favorite genre. I like the science fiction genre because I like science and advanced technology. This book and the previous books in the series that led up to it had a lot of advanced technology and they also had biological technologies because that is what the Yuuzahn Vong use. These books also include suspense, sci-fi action, and a lot of excitement, which are all things that I like.
Overall I would say this was a very good book to say the least. I give this book 5 stars because I like practically everything about it. The science fiction genre, excitement, action, suspense, advanced technology and much more.

As you can probably tell, this was a report for school. My others will be less formal except for the book Contact which I also did for school. You can search this book at www.amazon.com[/url] or [url]www.barnesandnoble.com[/URL]
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