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Force in a function of angle

  1. Oct 9, 2012 #1

    I've been doing some excercises in mechanics and stopped for a moment over the thing that sometimes bothers me. I have a set of particles of masses M and m, M>m. If I have force acting on m particle as a function of angle:


    (m is moving in on the surface of a verticle circle of radius R, powered by the falling M particle, both particles are connected by a string)

    is there a way to determine the velocity of particle in a point described by coordinates ([itex]\alpha[/itex];R)? If force was in funtction of time, that would be obvious, but what about the function of the coordinate?
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    Hmm, your force looks strange. However, if you know F(alpha), you can determine a potential and get v(alpha) via energy conservation.
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