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Force inside a solenoid

  1. Dec 2, 2009 #1
    Im in the process of making a coil gun and I need to do some calculations but Im not sure how to get the Force of the magnetic field.
    I know how to claculate the field and I have the values of my capacitors that I will be using to discharge the current into the magnetic wire.

    Can someone help me to "theorize" the force that the magnetic field will produce INSIDE the solenoid unto the material that will be launched?

    I know how many turns I have per unit lenght and how many layers I have (im actually still working on it).

    right now I have a charging station for 4 capacitors from flash cameras (300v and around 100uf)
    I might add more capacitors (maybe up to 10) but right now im just testing with 4.


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