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Force Inside a Solenoind ?

  1. Feb 3, 2009 #1
    Force Inside a Solenoind ????


    I'm working on a personal project which involves a solenoid. I'm trying derive an equation for the Force(N) that an object would experience due to the flux density inside the coil.

    The flux density can be calculated relatively easily by the fallowing equation.


    Given the material permeability what force would this object experience due to the B field created by the solenoid?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
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    Re: Force Inside a Solenoind ????

    There is no simple formula for an arbitrarily shaped body. You might could derive an equation for the force if you assume a cylindrical bar magnet is used.
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    Re: Force Inside a Solenoind ????

    Is there a way to figure out how strong the induce magnetic field will be on the object....?????
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    Re: Force Inside a Solenoind ????

    The force an object of simple permeability mu inside a solenoid producing uniform B will be zero. A force on such an object requires a non-uniform B.
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