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Force of a fist-punch have G's need help!

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    I need to calculate the force of a punch for a test I'm running. I have the numbers, but it seems that I have to backwards to find my number!.

    I have the force of a punch in G's given by a sensor (accelerometer)

    I have Ft/s (feet per second) (high speed Camera) will have anyway by thisafternoon.

    I have the mass (6lb moving "fist" on a pnumatic cylinder)

    I need Ft/lbs of the punch.

    Can anyone give me my formula?

    Many Many thanks indeed!
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    Ft/lbs doesn't mean anything.
    If you mean the force than F = mass 8 acceleration , you have that from the acceleromter. 1g = 9.8m/s^2 or 32ft/s^2.
    Energy is force * distance, ft*lbs. Or you could get it from the kinetic energy of the fist.
    Impulse is force*time.
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    what was the Accelerometer data?

    Im looking to get an Accelerometer (40g) and i want to know the spec's i need so that it wont break.

    thanks in advance
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    go to www.prosporttech.com[/URL] we use Herman Digital Trainers for martial Arts, American Football, Rugby and most other contact sports.

    Check it out, it should give you every thing you need.

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