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Force of ball against wall.

  1. Sep 21, 2009 #1
    I am having trouble figuring out how to start this problem, I have a free body diagram, but I am not sure which equation to use to help me solve for this, please help!

    A solid form 42 kg ball of diameter 32 cm is supported against a vertical frictionless wall using a thin 30cm wire of negligible mass, how hard does the ball push against the wall?

    Thank you!
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    The ball is not accelerating so you can use Newton's first law (sum of the forces = 0).
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    yes, but the center of the ball (where the mass is to be assumed) is 16cm away from the wall. so you have a triangle that is a=16 b=43.1 c=46, don't you ave to take that into account?
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