Force of Friction Equation?

  1. I think the reason that my problems have arisen is because of my equation for the force of friction. I have

    Ff= ucosAngle

    That right?
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    The force due to friction:

    [tex]F = \mu N = \mu m g[/tex]

    Where [itex]\mu[/itex] is the coefficient of friction (either static of kinetic), and [itex]N[/itex] is the normal force. On a horizontal plane, the normal force is just the weight of the object, which is [itex]mg[/itex].

    - Warren
  4. And to include the angle;
    F_f=\mu mg cos \alpha
  5. It is the limiting force of friction or say max friction force exerted and f force due to friction depends on the circumstance

    For eg moving on a plane surface Chroots Ans is correct and in case if body is on inclined surface Kishtiks Ans is correct
  6. I love my equation. What is the angle for a plane surface? 0? Then what is cos0? 1? Then what is mg? mu mg? Are the two eqs the same?:smile:
  7. lol rofl same eq man.
  8. It is not same equation

    It is the case of the equation under the given conditions only
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